Build Your Body, Build Your Business

Information For Clients:

Who are these people trying to sell you a truck? Why do they think they know what you and your business need? Why do they keep asking so many questions??? The key to our own success is education and training, and still more education and training. That, and very forgiving families. If you’d like a better insight into who we are, how and why we do what we do, the partnerships we have formed, and how much hair we’ve lost in the process, then please Read More...

Work It. Work It.

Information For Dealers:

I have been in the business of selling work trucks for over 20 years, and the surest truth that I have found is this: I’m not an expert, and I never will be. Experts stop learning. I never, ever want to stop learning. With over 20 years worth of wins and losses, all of which have been learning opportunities, I may have something valuable to share with you about the industry at large, how we operate here at Tacoma Dodge, what pits we fell in so you don’t have to, and anything else I can think of to help your dealership thrive. The way I figure it, we all want to do more, sell better - why not share the wealth of knowledge?


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